When Can a New Active Duty Service Member Apply For a VA Home Loan?

When Can a New Active Duty Service Member Apply For a VA Home Loan?

Active Duty Military usually have questions about a VA Home Loan !

Not knowing about a VA Home Loan could produce some fear and when there is fear or doubt most people start to procrastinate.  With some of the information provided this might encourage more military to start their search for a New Home in San Antonio, Schertz or surrounding areas!

I am sure there are more questions …

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Via Bruce Reichstein (VALoans.com – Nationwide Expert VA Loan Officer – Vets 1st):

Active duty service members have different requirements for establishing eligibility for a VA loan than their Guard or Reservist counterparts. As mentioned in the last blog post, the VA requires active duty military members to supply a current statement of service including the date active duty began, plus a signature indicating the approval of the unit commander. But when can they actually accomplish this?

Notice that no minimum active duty service time is mentioned—but there are circumstances which, for all intents and purposes, do amount to a minimum time in service requirement however informal or unwritten.

New recruits in basic training won’t be able to apply for a VA home loan in that training environment—there’s no way to go through channels to get a commander’s signature of approval. Even if a recruit were to make such a request, the trainee would be told they must wait until they’ve successfully completed basic training (when they become official members of the military as opposed to “trainees”) to apply for VA benefits.

For most new recruits, technical school follows basic training, or some form of on-the-job training that is time intensive and requires time and attention the trainee must give to the task at hand. Again, there isn’t much time to go through channels to request a commander’s approval for a VA home loan in many cases, at least until the initial orientation phase is complete for the new soldier, sailor, airman or marine.

Also, military newcomers will likely be moving around a great deal in the earliest days of their military career—between technical schools and the actual first assignment, some new recruits may be assigned to two or more military bases in a short amount of time—far too short to consider purchasing a home in any given area until the first long-term assignment has been issued.

While a new military member may be technically eligible to apply for VA loan eligibility as soon as circumstances permit, they are usually not able to do so until they report for duty at their first assignment.

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