Wagyu Beef .. Texas Better Beef

Wagyu Beef  ..  Better Beef

Are looking to eat healthier and live better ?

So much to learn , History, Health , Nutrition, Dietary, Life and more ! And it’s basics that we all should have learned while growing up !  Well, we probaly didn’t learn because we had other priorities at that time in our life or our parents did not know or they had other priorities. OK so much for that.

More Wagyu Beef, Salmon, Oats, Kale, Sweet Potato, Broccoli, etc.   … No white flour, no white rice, no potatoes, no soft drinks etc…….

“This beef is said to very beneficial for human consumption and is termed as the healthier type of meat.

It is said to have higher rate of monounsaturated fat and forty percent of it is stearic acid which is said to have a minimum impact on raising cholesterol levels.People just love to eat the Wagyu steaks. Wagyu meat is said to contain a type of fatty acid that is very good and has shown potent anti-carcinogenic properties and is also an anti-inflammatory agent. This is known as CLA and stands for Conjugated Linoleic acid. It has qualities that reduce heart disease, diabetes and also asthma. It has miraculous qualities in reducing body fat and increases the immune system that helps it fight many diseases and is surely very beneficial for human health. Wagyu beef products contain the highest amount of CLA and this can be found more in the dairy products.CLA is said to have long tern benefits for human health in the future.Wagyu beef won the best beef award in Adelaide Australia. ActuallyWagyu animals were used for agriculture and were selected for their physical endurance. It has more intra muscular fat cells which provide a good energy source. The Japanese government has banned the export of Wagyu cattle consider these cattle a National Treasure. But later on four cattle, two males and two females were exported in US and they were breed in California and Australia. And know Australia has become the clean bred supplier of Wagyu beef today. Wagyu meat has a very fine texture and the carcass have a high yield. These bulls are very fertile and they are very versatile in environmental adaptation from Australia to Tasmania. In the early days eating beef was banned in Japan and it was at the turn of the 20th century that people started eating it and became aware of its high quality and taste and also learnt the benefits. The positive effects of these meat are that as they are fed on dried grass there are reduced chances of colicontamination and more researches are evolving and easing the old concept of no fat diet and people are becoming aware of the positive effects of fat on our over all body. Latest researches prove that eating mono saturated fatty acids is much better for your heart than eating special diets withlean products and it also melts at room temperature. Because of its unique qualities it can be heated by heart patients as it is part of a well balanced diet with the right kind of fat.” Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3270976

Wagyu Beef  .. Texas Better Beef

Why ?

Texas Better Beef raises all their Beef…..  We breed for the BEST !!!

Entire production is ” Gate to Plate”

All Texas Beeter Beef is free roaming      …  No Feedlots !

Clean cool fresh water      …..  No Feedlots  !

Grass Fed  …. No Feedlots !

No growth hormones used !!!!

No additives !!!!

Stress free animal environment

You have choices….. Which type of Beef !!

With Texas Better Beef you get Real Value and quality ….

You get what nature grows ….good quality, fresh Texas Better Beef … Taste the difference !!

Boerne, Texas .. Hondo, Texas

Making your home buying experience FUN & EASY!

Robert Twaron



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