Scilly Cay …. Anguilla

Truly a Great Experience ….Go to Island Harbour which is around a mile away from 7 Palms Villa.

Park by the pier…walk out on the pier and wait a water Taxi will come pick you up and take you to Gorgeous Scilly Cay..  all of about 300 yards from the pier.

Scilly Cay

Boat Ride to Scilly Cay

There you can get one of Scilly Cay’s famous Rum Punch …..  Pick out you Lobster and they will grill it for you.

Lunch at Scilly Cay Anguilla

What a great lunch !!   They even have a Caribbean Band playing…….

World Class Scilly Cay truly a Very Rare find !!

Anguilla one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean

Enjoy a week at 7 Palms Villa

Rest, Relaxation

Next   I’ll give you some Restaurants and more !

Dinner  at  Anguilla Villas …..7 Palms

Let me know your thoughts on Anguilla or Scilly Cay….

Anguilla Villas

Tricia Pearson

Robert Twaron


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