San Antonio Texas ….The home buying paradox of choice

Jonathan has done some great research on how the public perceives shopping and perceives a buying experience.

It is very interesting that the perception vs the actual buying experience can be really sorted out.  There is allot going on in our minds …business decision, emotional decision, etc

I really work hard on going through those decissions as to make this experience a fun,easy and good experience for my clients.

Via Jonathan Washburn (ActiveRain Corp):

According to a study conducted by two Social Psychology professors at Columbia University, a jam shopper is ten times as likely to buy a jar of jam when they are presented with six choices of jam flavors instead of twenty four. In other words, the jam shopper is ten times as likely to be successful and satisfied in their mission to secure jam when they are choosing from a selection that is 75% smaller.

Yet, if you ask that same jam shopper if they would rather choose from six choices or twenty four, they will always indicate a preference towards the greater selection.

People get overwhelmed when provided too many choices and as a result they are more successful at making a decision when the choices are limited. Yet paradoxically people will always prefer to choose from as many choices as possible.

In the real estate industry this means less choice can yield a greater success rate for your home buying clients, resulting in a happier client and a richer agent.

Of course the reality is that all consumers have access to essentially all of the home listings. So your job at this point isn’t to attempt to restrict access to the online directories, but to curate a list of homes perfectly matched to your clients, similarly to how a Sommelier pairs and suggests the best wine to complement a meal at a fine restaurant.

Making your home buying experience FUN & EASY!

Robert Twaron


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