Near Ft Sam Houston…….Seven Days in Utopia

Near Ft Sam Houston…….Seven Days in Utopia

Yes …     They are making a movie     …Right now!!!!!

In Utopia Texas…What a great day trip. Utopia Texas about 90 minutes ride from Ft Sam Houston.

Lost Maples Park

Four great restaurants to choose from …The Laurel Tree,  The Club House at Utopia Golf,  The Hicks House and Lost Maples Cafe all in Utopia Texas.

Play golf …at Utopia Golf….        Ask for …Robert Sullivan the Manager

“The film will star Robert Duvall and Lucas Black. Its scheduled release date is next spring. It’ll be shot in Utopia (a real town, I know, because I’ve been there) as well.

The director is Matthew Dean Russell.

If you don’t know the story, here’s a synopsis: Aspiring tour player becomes frustrated. Has strained relationship with father. Makes a mess of things at tournament in Texas. Drives aimlessly through state. Takes back roads. Dwells on bad situations. Questions life. Gets lost (literally and metaphorically). Drives into ditch (literally).

Encounters fork in the road. Utopia? Or Vanderpool? Chooses Utopia. Meets the Man Who Will Change His Life.

Spends seven days in Utopia. Learns about golf, life and faith.

Life changed.”

Making one of the movie sets…….Seven Days in Utopia

What a great Day trip………. Near Ft Sam Houston

Homes near Ft Sam Houston and Brooke Army Medical Center

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