Moving Into Your New San Antonio Home With Pets

Moving Into Your New San Antonio Home With Pets

It is easy to forget about your pet’s emotions and well being when you are caught up in the frantic stress of moving into a New San Antonio Home. The to do list is never ending and your pets may not be receiving the same attention as they getting were before. Add to that the stress of getting ready for a move, and your pets may be feeling very anxious.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you are moving into your New San Antonio Home with your animals.


Moving with cats

moving cats!!!

Cats are peculiar animals. They can seem very emotionally detached, and yet when a sudden change occurs, you may find out how really attached they are to you and your home. Special caution needs to be observed when you are making your move into your New San Antonio Home. Many cat owners have moved into a new home only to find their cat missing within a day or two. The feline has decided to make its way back to its old home and many owners find their cats on the doorstep of their old house.

The best way to work with this is to give your cat some time to re-adjust to its new surroundings. Try to keep everything calm and peaceful around the cat, even through this stressful period, and keep an eye on him. Make sure he does not leave the house for a week until he gets used to the new house and decides to call it his home.

Moving with dogs

Dogs are very territorial by nature so you will have to give special treatment to them during the move. Set up a special area for your dog so that he knows right away that he owns part of your New San Antonio Home.  This should be one of your first priorities when settling in since it will calm down your dog and he will be less likely to make messes or exhibit other erratic behavior due to the move.

Moving with fish

You will have to contact a pet store that specializes in fish to find out the best way to transport them over to your New San Antonio Home. In some cases the fish will need to be separated from their tank and carried in plastic bags to their New Home. Some fish are hardier than others and a fish specialist will make recommendations on which fish can be easily moved and which ones may not survive the journey.

It is hard to think about everything when you are planning a move in your New San Antonio Home, but your pets deserve some special attention at this time. Don’t cast them aside because you are too busy, because they would never do the same to you

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