Ft Sam Houston invites you

Ft. Sam Houston invites you to visit the military base.

Lt. Col. Guy Swan invites you to see Historic Ft. Sam Houston and Brooke Army Medical.

See the history of Ft. Sam Houston, beautiful historic buildings, the serenity of Ft. Sam Houston.  There are 2 museums ….Ft. Sam Houston Museum and US Army Medical Museum to visit.

Then go over to the historic Quadrangle where Ft. Sam Houston started …In the Quadrangle you will find some of the original animals ( Deer, Peacocks and ducks)

Ft. Sam Houston and Brooke Army medical is currently undergoing a $2.5 Billion dollar growth and renovation for the next 3 years.

For your information since Ft. Sam Houston is an active military base …You need a Drivers License in order to get on base…..

Homes near Ft Sam Houston

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