Fort Sam Houston – San Antonio, TX

Fort Sam Houston is the oldest military base in the San Antonio area. Named for Sam Houston, the first President of the Republic of Texas, the fort was established in 1845, and moved to its present location in 1876. Fort Sam, as it is locally called, is known as the birthplace of military aviation and the site of the first flight of a military aircraft in 1910.

Fort Sam is also known as the “Home of Army Medicine”. Established at the end of WWII, the Army made Fort Sam the principal medical training facility. Brooke Army Medical Center, located on the base, is the largest military medical training center in the world.

Today, as one of the Army’s oldest bases with more than 900 buildings in its historic districts, Fort Sam boasts one of the largest collection of historic military post structures. Because of thee significant contributions of Fort Sam has made to the United States, it was recognized in 1975 when the post was designated as a National Historic Landmark.

The Fort Sam Houston Quadrangle, known as “The Quad”, is the oldest structure on the base. Originally built as a supply depot, it also housed Geronimo and the Apaches captured with him for 40 days in 1186. Legend has it that the deer in the Quadrangle were there because Geronimo refused to eat food he did not hunt. In reality, the deer were there long before Geronimo; he was offered the same rations as the soldiers stationed there.
The Quadrangle
Another notable post was Dwight D. Eisenhower. During his first post at Fort Sam (1915-1917), he met and married Mamie Dowd, He was again posted at the fort when the attack on Pearl Harbor occurred in 1941. Their first home is one of the buildings preserved as historic monuments.

Much care has been given to the preservation of these historic areas and allows the post to live with its history, surrounded by the traditions established when the first soldier arrived here in 1845. Today, the Quadrangle is especially appealing to children because of the peacocks, deer and rabbits permitted to roam freely.

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