Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean

Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean
Caribbean warmth, pristine surroundings and sophisticated luxury are the hallmarks of an exclusive island resort residence in paradise. Anguilla redefines modern hospitality with a visionary blend of provocative design, pampering amenities and intuitive, personalized service. Take advantage of a truly unique and luxury Caribbean real estate opportunity in Anguilla Island, British West Indies (BWI).
Anguilla Fishing MemoriesAnguilla Fishing Memories
Supreme Seaside Surroundings
The island of Anguilla is the Caribbean’s most exclusive island making it the perfect location. In addition to its blissful climate, dramatic tropical landscape, surrounding Caribbean and Atlantic waters, and easy access from St. Martin/St. Maarten, the island enjoys a reputation as a first-rate tropical getaway that draws upscale clientele. In reaction to growing attractions for the elite traveler, including the annual yacht-racing calendar, the Anguilla Airport has extended its runway and now has the capability of handling larger planes and private jets.
Anguilla sits in first class and has a first-class price tag. There are certainly more affordable ways to enjoy the sun and the sea, but for those desiring an exclusive atmosphere, this island is one of the premier vacation spots in the Caribbean
Anguilla IncredibleAnguilla Incredible
The rich and famous who go there do so because it is one of very few places where they can be assured of a carefree, unhassled holiday. If you happen to see, say, Janet Jackson sitting at the next table, you will not get her autograph or ask about her next album. That is just not allowed.
There are no restrictions about fawning over the island’s immaculate white-sand beaches, however. There are 33 to choose from, and many offer excellent snorkeling around coral reefs. Other water sports are in abundance: scuba diving, boating and windsurfing. When visitors have had their fill of beach and ocean, there’s a wide choice of fine restaurants to round out the evening.
Anguilla (pronounced an-GWEE-la) remains relatively uncrowded compared with other islands in the area. Those who have sampled its relaxed and refined atmosphere seem to like what they’ve found: They tend to adopt the island as if it were their own private hideaway, returning year after year.
Anguilla is located approximately 170 miles east of Puerto Rico and just 5 miles north of St. Maarten. The island is 16 miles long and a mere 3 miles wide. The topography features rolling hills covered by sparse vegetation. However, Anguilla compensates for the lack of lush mountainous terrain by offering some of the most exquisite white sand beaches in the Caribbean plus undisturbed reefs for snorkeling and diving, and a consistently dry climate. Life here is tranquil and Anguillans are extraordinarily friendly. It remains an island where one may luxuriate in a serene, idyllic setting. If one desires an input of action the cosmopolitan island of St. Maarten is a mere 15 minute boat ride away.
Anguilla fulfills the requirements of many of today’s upscale buyers and investors. Its premium hotels attract affluent tourists and most homes built here are at a high standard. It is politically stable, underdeveloped, and has a generally cooperative government in complete support of a free enterprise system. Over the past few years, with the general increase in activity, there have been improvements and installations of state of the art telephone and telecommunications systems, telex, facsimile, phone credit card service, complete worldwide banking services, and off-shore banking facilities.
The business climate is currently considered very favorable. It is an island which holds possibilities for an individual looking for an income-producing vacation property, small family business, or an investor group seeking a viable destination for the Caribbean’s future. There are currently several major new resort developments under way. Again, proof of Anguilla‘s attraction to the upmarket sector of development and tourism.
The advantages to investing here are many: no personal income tax, corporate income tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, sales tax, and no foreign exchange controls. The island offers free transfer of funds on all profits, dividends, interest, royalties, and capital out of Anguilla.
Services: Anguilla offers cable TV, three radio stations, and daily, weekly, & monthly newspapers and journals. Electricity is the same as in the US(120/240 voltage-60 cycles). Power is usually reliable. A new hospital has recently opened and utilizes modern equipment and has a trained staff. There are also five health clinics located throughout the island.
Banking: Prominent banks are The Bank of Nova Scotia, Caribbean Commercial Bank of Anguilla Ltd., National Bank of Anguilla, and Hansa Bank and Trust Company Ltd.
Currency: The US Dollar and The East Caribbean Dollar are both legal currency. (US $1.00 = EC $2.70).
Education: The British Educational system is utilized in Anguilla. Six Elementary schools accept ages through ten. One comprehensive central school serves ages 11+. Students sit Overseas, Caribbean, and British examinations.
Capital: The Valley
Population: 11,000
Getting There
Wallblake Airport serves as Anguilla‘s connection point to St. Maarten, San Juan, Antigua, St. Kitts, and St. Thomas. There is no direct service to the United States, however, the international, Queen Juliana Airport in Dutch St. Maarten offers numerous European, Canadian, and Stateside flights. Passport is required of all visitors.  Departure tax is US $20.
The year round tropical climate makes this the ultimate vacation destination
For the most part undiscovered and offers a peaceful contrast to its other Caribbean neighbors. It is probably one of the only really private places left in the world today and is one of the safest Caribbean island. It is the friendly people that make you want to return again and again
A good selection of excellent restaurants and small bars with music and beach side dancing. Most dining out is casual and there is not a restaurant that demands a jacket and tie.
Anguilla Boating and GolfAnguilla Boating and Golf
Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean.
“of course we are known for sparkling white beaches…the leading travel writers have voted us number one, time and time again…you have to see these to believe them”.
There are no fewer than 33 glorious white sand beaches with some of the most luxurious resorts and hotels. If it is a quiet beach time you are seeking Anguilla is the place for you. The Island is discovered by many visitors and celebrities as a haven of tranquility. However you can enjoy the best of both worlds as a 20 minute ferry ride connects you with cosmopolitan St. Martin with its designer boutiques and French Creole nouvelle cuisine. While in Anguilla we will soothe you and slow you down to our peaceful way of life. Enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Shoal Bay, Meads Bay, Rendezvous Bay, etc., etc. or enjoy some of our ‘adventure’ beaches.
Anguilla is a sensational, but expensive, paradise… definitely one of the most expensive of all islands. And Anguilla restaurants are no exception.
Anguilla is an island whose people are dedicated to great eating. From a local neighborhood bar-b-q to “haute cuisine”, almost all Anguilla restaurants are bound to please your palate.
So why is Anguilla one of the Caribbean’s best-kept secrets?

This flat, dry island, located just six miles north of the French side of St. Martin/St. Maarten, lures visitors with many pristine beaches, outstanding resorts, at least 70 excellent restaurants (a rarity in the Caribbean), a friendly population and just enough diversions–artists, fantastic galleries and island get-togethers, to mention just three–to keep you entertained.
For all those reasons, but mainly for the beaches and the food. And that, for us, is far more than enough.
Though small–about 16 miles by 3 miles–getting around the Anguilla can be an adventure. There are few road signs. You navigate using hotel and restaurant signs, and the looming hulk of the French half of St. Martin just seven miles away (if you can see it on your left, you’re heading south; on your right, you’re going north). It sounds difficult but you just can’t get lost on this small island and getting lost is an adventure that cost you only a few minutes. There is no public transport, and taxis are expensive, so most visitors rent a car, even if only for part of their stay.
And you will need it just to explore Anguilla‘s has more than 30 dazzling white sand beaches. And each offer different charms. Favorites are Shoal Bay East, a 2-mile-long strand on the Atlantic side that is edged by mangroves and lovely villa
If you want a small, serene, secluded, and exclusive island, this is the place for you. Instead of high rises, one local commented, you get “low-rise dreams” here, referring to the posh inns.
Anguilla is the Caribbean’s best-kept secret.    its white-sand beaches are among the finest in the Caribbean; more than 30 of them dot the coastline, shaded by sea-grape trees. Come here to rest, unwind, and be pampered on the gorgeous sands or by your villa pool
Privacy in AnguillaPrivacy in Anguilla
Anguilla has become one of the Caribbean‘s most chic destinations, rivaling even St. Barts
Anguilla accommodations are expensive          As we said, Anguilla is not for everyone. And that’s what makes it special
Sophisticated luxury in Anguilla……Villas for Rent    7 Palms Anguilla
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Anguilla is probably the best kept secret in the Caribbean

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